Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2009 approaches...

... and I will have been here for .. two years and three months? Wow how time passes! I actually didn't have that much to say. Just wanted to let people know that I am yes, still alive, and will be here until May.

Participated in my first ever bike race this weekend. It was pretty intense and I didn't do that great (7th... out of 12 women... haha), but apparently it's one of the hardest races my friend has done so at least I finished it! Crazy uphill but a great view of Kunming at the top. Here's a not very flattering photo but you can get a glimpse of it. About 200 participants! Pretty crazy that there are THAT many bikers here. :)

I really want to go to SE Asia, since I love it, for Chinese New Years. It will be pricey, esp. since I'm planning on going to Japan for a wedding in Feb. However, I haven't been for a year (when I went to Laos) so I think I will need to just spend the moolah! Right now I'm thinking either a bike trip into Laos, or perhaps beaching in Thailand. Suggestions?